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My Brief Few Hours in LA

30 May 2019
LA streetstyle, LA streets, city of LA

As you may know I enjoyed a little vacay with some girlfriends in Palm Springs a couple months ago. What you may not know is that part of the trip was to include some exploring in LA as well. Well as life plays out sometimes our plans took a different path. Because….{drum roll please}….

We lost our car keys! Somehow during the travels from our Poppy Field adventure in Lake Elsinore to parking at our planned brunch spot in LA our rental car keys literally vanished into thin air.

Our rental was the style that didn’t require the key to be in the ignition. So when we went to turn the car off to have brunch…no key! We practically turned that car upside down and all the luggage in it for like an hour looking for those keys, and nothing! It was so bizarre!! So to prevent getting stuck there and missing our later flight home we kept the car running, called our trip short, and just headed straight to the airport to return the keyless car.

We did manage to pop into a near by Starbucks to grab a coffee to go. So while waiting on my coffee I snapped these few photos of the LA streets from the inside of the Starbucks. As well as a couple shots in my outfit at a location next door to the coffee shop.

places in LA, hotels in LA, scenic views in California

At the time I was a bit over the trip and mentally just ready to get back home. But now looking back I’m happy I took the time to take these few photographs to reflect my brief few hours in LA and the memories that surrounded it.

All in all it just means I need to schedule another trip to LA sometime soon to give that exploring another try. Right? Until next time.

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