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A Ramble on Pink

11 May 2019
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I wouldn’t say I’m anti pink. But pink hasn’t necessarily been in my color palette all too much. It’s just a color I never really connected with or felt comfortable in. However over time pink has grown on me and I’ve incorporated the color into my own style from time to time. And this satin pale pink billowy dress was one of those moments.

I scored the dress at a recent Blogger Closet Sale. Which I was quite excited about since I had admired the dress on Instagram for awhile. Between the silky satin fabric, exaggerated sleeves, and loose fit allowing for endless comfort. I fell for it. And the giant bow adds a whole other level of elegance that I absolutely love.

Remaining a bow for longer than 20 seconds is another story. The constant retying sessions were a nuisance to say the least. And while I’m at it with the bashing, the dress was a complete pain to photograph in. Capturing the right angles to prevent looking like I was wearing a big trash bag was a tricky one.

Either way, I’d totally wear it again. πŸ˜‰

NOW throw me in a pink girly flowy dress with a big bow in a resort setting that is slathered in all kinds of pink. I might internally be desperately seeking a pair of jeans. Which honestly is how I felt in this setting in my outfit. Un-com-fort-ab-le! I definitely prefer a mix of elegance, edge, and casual. lol! BUT for those that enjoy going all decked out in full theme. This look in this setting is for you. I did my best to play the part. πŸ˜‰

I do want to point out that my visit to the Sands Hotel and Spa while in Palm Springs was an amazing one and absolutely gorgeous. And the on location restaurant The Pink Cabana was by no means less than Instagram worthy. Definitely worth checking out if your in the area. I just had a slight pink overdose there in this dress while shooting. And since I personally find what is really behind the photo far more interesting (b/c Lord knows it’s usually not what it seems) I thought I would share my emotional state through it all. Oh and that pretty little colada cocktail you see me sippin’ on…it was the perfect prop for the occasion! πŸ˜‰

In spite of it all I still completely adore this dress. And look forward to styling it in other ways. Just perhaps next time I might strut it around in a grungy alley or something. πŸ™‚

Moral of the story. Do you and what makes you feel comfortable, unapologetically.

Unfortunately my dress is long gone, but I’ve listed a few dresses in pink that I’d give a whirl.

Below is a little video I had fun creating for my Insta-stories from my day at the Sands Hotel and Spa. As well as a behind the shot moment that somewhat captures my feeling of awkwardness.

P.S. On another note, Aerosmith leaves me feeling I have it all wrong about the color ‘Pink’…..


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