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April Highlight Recap

30 April 2019

oxford shirt, black romper, yellow slingback heels, spring fashion

Hi there! The past month has been back to back busy so I’ve been a bit behind on the blog. I’m actually in the midst of preparing for a trip to Colorado (which I’m really excited about!). But I wanted to share a little recap highlighting some favorite moments from the past month.

Beautiful Weather

I sometimes feel like a weather news reporter with you guys. But weather conditions seem to be a thing for me lately. In Houston weird weather style, the month kicked off in the 30’s!! Whaat??! But thankfully merged right into beautiful spring weather that gave me all the feels. It wasn’t the Palm Springs kind of weather I recently experienced, but Houston came through this spring and it has brought me joy.

sunrises, nature

border terrier, beautiful sunrises, lake view, scenic views

lakeview, sunrises, nature scenes

Houston Life TV

I had the opportunity to be a part of another tv segment for our local Houston Life TV show. Our segment highlighted the current spring footwear trends. The sandals I wore represented hardware details and I LOVE how they will go with so many looks for years to come. Thankfully my nerves this time around were nowhere near the condition they were my first time. It’s interesting how much the unknown can affect someones nerves. You can read about my first experience here. Anyway – it was a fun time with other representers.

Houston, black denim dress outfit ideas, denim dress inspiration, dress with cutouts, white blocked heel sandals, classic sandals, spring fashion, classic handbag outfits

*You can find my dress here.

Gardening Class with my Mom

This year I have tried to be a little better about seeking (and attending) various local events in my area. So to follow suit with my Azalea Trail experience last month. My mom and I got educated on Container Gardening. The class was held at our local library so that was nice and convenient. The Master Gardeners gave such an excellent presentation on the subject. And we even brought home a little baby cactus plant of our own to nurture. Unfortunately that poor baby plant got blown away off my porch and then ran over with our lawn mower. Poor thing!

New Haircut and Style

If you haven’t noticed already I am a bit of a plain Jane when it comes to my hair. I’m definitely a “whatever happens, happens” when it comes to styling. And I refuse to take longer than 5-10 minutes on it. But I do desire it to look nice and lay right. So I decided to add a little extra layering on the top and front. Mainly to help with heaviness as well as add some personality.

And since I was tapping into some change that morning we styled in some curls too. I really liked the curls especially once they died down a bit into more of a beachy wave. Of course it took more than 10 minutes to make the curls so I won’t be doing it on my own. But it was a nice change for the day. πŸ™‚ Moral of the story…it doesn’t hurt to change things up a bit now and then.

long hair inspiration, beachy waves, long curly hair ideas, red hair


I have been brewing thoughts of taking a refresher course on the basics of piano for awhile now. And finally took the first step in getting re-acquainted with it. I took lessons as a child, but quit once I learned recitals were involved lol (my mom was not happy!). I have always leaned towards playing by ear (even when I took lessons). Plus my dad plays really well and by ear so we kicked off my first lesson to get things going again. Fingers crossed.

piano lessons, piano


We generally host Easter at our house every year and our agenda tends to be jammed packed with activities and such for the kids. And honestly it usually ends in pure exhaustion. This time around I opted out of displaying any Easter decor. I just didn’t have the time or energy to dress the house up like an Easter Egg. All I displayed were some fresh Daisys in the kitchen and called it a day. And you know what? No one even noticed the missing decor and we still had a great time celebrating. Imagine that! I was still exhausted, BUT I didn’t have to put up all that decor afterwards which was nice. Oh – and we even used paper plates this time so there weren’t any dishes either. πŸ˜‰

As far as my attire for Easter I chose a little more laid back approach this year in a cream crochet dress from Zara. It has an oversized relaxed vibe which I love. However I would have probably preferred a small, but they only had a medium at the time. And I HAD to have it! πŸ™‚ Either way the comfortable approach worked out perfectly. It will also come in handy during the summer months as well.

Easter floral decor ideas, Daisys, spring flowers

Easter dress ideas, crochet dresses, spring dresses ideas, summer style ideas

White Button Up as a Jacket

I really liked an outfit I wore the other day to my friend’s birthday lunch. So I thought I would share it with you guys here. I originally had plans of wearing my white blazer over the black romper. But felt something less heavy and more casual would work better for the occasion. So I swapped the blazer for a white button up shirt as a jacket instead. It was something different for me and seemed to do the job quite nicely.

how to style a romper, minimalist style, yellow shoes outfits, white button up shirt outfits

yellow slingback heels, romper outfit inspiration, spring style inspiration, spring fashion ideas, brunch outfits

Similar or exact pieces linked below:

Trip to Fredericksburg, Tx

If we connect on Insta-stories you may have seen clips from my recent trip to the Hill Country. James and I stayed in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast with a group of friends for a birthday celebration. The weekend was filled with great company and accommodations, nature, amazing food, winery hopping, and farm animals. We had such an amazing time…I still might even be a bit on cloud nine from it all. I do plan to share our time there in more detail on the blog hopefully soon. But until then, look at how beautiful this poppy field is at one of the wineries we visited.

texas wineries, couple weekend trip ideas, wineries in Texas, Hill Country, red poppies

Thank you for stopping by to read. I look forward to sharing more content with you guys soon.

P.S. One of my goals is to learn this song on the piano.

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