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Houston Life Fashion Travel Segment

28 February 2019

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Recently I was honored to share the stage with five lovely influencers for a Fashion Travel segment on the Houston Life show. The entire experience was an amazing one that I am beyond grateful to have been a part of. And honestly I still feel a bit in disbelief that it even happened at all.

Aside from the task of psyching my mind out of my stage fright issues. The opportunity to witness everyone participate in their designated roles throughout the whole production was pure bliss. Not to mention just feeling so proud of all the wonderful women that represented.

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Sheree, Mahshid, Dawn, Nicole, Carissa

Walking away from that experience showed me that our passions will find us one way or another. If we pursue what we love. I actually studied communications t.v. and radio in college years ago. All with intentions of playing some kind of roll behind the scenes one day. Growing up my dad was involved in sound production in various scenarios. And I used to sit in the back with him thinking he had the best job in the world getting to be a part of all that creativity, expression, and inspiration yet remaining unnoticed.

Unfortunately during my studies once the journalism courses required public speaking I questioned my route of choice. And eventually steered another direction simply out of fear of being in front of people.

Being in that studio that day watching everything come together in production form felt really good. And surprisingly much more comfortable than I expected. I had nerves yes, but only when I allowed myself to think too much about it. And I was surrounded by amazing support cheering me on when a few fearful moments snuck in.

But for me the most amazing realization from that experience is how pursuing what I love through this blog has allowed me to encompass so many areas I am passionate about. As well as help me overcome fears that held me back for so many years. Who knew…

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