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My Film Photography Diary Debut

19 February 2019

disposable film camera, fil photography, fujifilm, unedited morning light, no filter

Welcome to my film photography diary debut. I must admit I am super excited to be sharing this post. As I shared here I have developed an interest in photography. And one of my goals for this year was to tap into the film aspect of photography as well. I also envisioned sharing my journey with you here on the blog. So I am very happy to actually be reaching a goal. Yah!

Generally I’m quite drawn to all things vintage. And I also love the concept behind raw authenticity that film photography has to offer that today’s digital world can often lose. Yes digital definitely has its perks. But getting back to the basics is a venture I desire to revisit. Plus the suspense of not knowing what your going to get until developed is really exciting! Although finding a place to develop film with a reasonable return timeframe was a challenge. 3-4 weeks to wait for photos was a bit brutal in today’s instant gratification expectations.

By no means is this post a “show off” presentation. But rather a “show and tell” if you will. As you will see the images are not much to brag about. Especially when judging from a digital eye perspective we have been trained to achieve these days. However documenting my journey in photography will hopefully reflect progressions that I can look back on later down the road. Fingers crossed!

So the first film camera I was able to get my hands on was a disposable camera. It was accessible and cheap so I went with it. There was definitely an adjustment the first time I used it. But that classic “click then rewind” moment was a bit magical I must say. And the desire to continue instantly grew stronger. I shot mostly objects and nature my first time around. Simply because it was usually just me present. But I aim to incorporate some outfit shots via film in the future.

All images below were taken with a Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable Camera 35mm:

disposable film camera, fil photography, fujifilm, unedited morning light, no filter

trees, film photography, cypress trees, nature photography

pumpkins, film photography, disposable camera, fall seasonal shots,

renaissance festival, film photography, throw away camera, festivals

pumpkin patch, pumpkins, film photos, film photography, fall, no filter photograpy

unedited photography, disposable camera, fireplace

film photography lighting variations, nature photography, film cameras

nature photography, fujifilm disposable camera, flowers, film shots, no filter images, burry photos

film photography in the sun, no edit images, film photography

moody film photography, disposable camera, no filter images, unedited photos, fall breakfast table

As you can see, I started using the camera this past fall hence the pumpkins. And it actually took me awhile to use up all the shots. Mainly because I was just so used to grabbing my phone to take a photo. But also because there were only 27 chances to get something worth looking at. So I was a bit selective of what I took photos of. Which is actually kind of nice when you are forced to take your time for that one shot. Versus weeding through 300 images you took of a pumpkin for that perfect one shot.

And honestly there is something about the imperfections in film that make the images perfect. Imagine that!

Aside from a few editing tweaks in the exposure category I chose to keep them as raw as possible and eliminate any filters. While I love how applying a filter can bring a cohesive bond amongst a collection of images. I wanted to start my debut in its raw form. Not to say I won’t in the future, but that was my path this time around.

So there you have it. My reacquaintance with film photography. I definitely have plenty of room to improve. Especially taking shots indoors! Most of those came out black. Grant it I’m not sure results from a disposable camera are really ever going to be groundbreaking. However I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning and improving. I did add two more film cameras to my stash that will hopefully aid in my improvements.

P.S. my favorite images from the bunch are the shots of the Clothing Rack and White Pitcher with Plates (first and last). I love the moodiness they captured.

Do you enjoy working behind a camera? Do you have any experience with film photography?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.



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