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My Sock Boots Love Affair

14 February 2019

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Well this may very well not be your average Valentines Day post. BUT I can promise you Love is involved. My Sock Boots love affair is a strong one. In fact so strong I’ve added three pair to my collection in a matter of months. And they haven’t just been sitting in my closet either. On repetitive wear they have been.

Aside from the beloved over the knee styles, sock booties just might be the most flattering footwear I’ve worn to date. The simple fact that sock boots contour to the ankle ‘like a sock’ really adds a nice flattering touch to the ankle. In other words if ‘cankles’ are an issue…this feature will help. This style will also generally have some type of heel which in my opinion is always an appealing effect. A heel can eliminate a “frumpy” situation almost every single time. All those nice little features together provides that elongation many of us aim to achieve in an outfit.

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In today’s post I’m showcasing a pair in leopard print. Which definitely will be on continued repeat for years to come. I mean it’s leopard print so you know! But if leopard is not your thing I have a few more variations of the sock boot as wellย that may suit your fancy.

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You can view the red and white versions styled here, here, and here for inspiration.

How do you feel about sock booties? Which pair would you strut?ย 

Below you will find the exact or similar products to complete the look in this post:

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