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I’m Ready for More Color in My Life

29 January 2019

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Over the last few months I have been noticing my tastes in fashion and home interior are shifting a bit. Suddenly I feel a strong need for more color in my life! Don’t get me wrong. I still and always will have an unconditional love for the neutrals. Nor have I ever been “anti color”. In fact I have a wardrobe full of color and incorporate them subtly in my current style. But my eyes are seeing color in a bit of a new pair of eyes it seems. Cheesy perhaps, but true.

Now it’s not anything out of the ordinary for ones tastes to change. Of course it’s not always the best scenario for our pocketbooks when our tastes change drastically or often, but it definitely happens. In my case I feel my current shift towards color has a deeper reason behind it. And as mentioned here ideally we should be evolving in life and with that comes variety, change, and shifts in accordance to our moods, desires, and needs.

So let’s backup a few years. When James and I were designing our current home in the suburbs it was a bit of a harry and stressful time in our lives with our oldest son. The change of moving out of the home he loved, a new school, new friends, new teachers etc. reeeeeally took a major toll on him. Not to mention hormones of a pre-teen mixed all in there as well. All causing significant problems in his behavior and extreme aggressions towards others.

Anyone that knows me knows that “peace” is my absolute favorite. And at the time I seriously felt I was never going to get to experience peace in our home again. It truly was one of the hardest and scariest challenges we have ever faced as a family. So during those trials my design choices for our new home steered towards clean, neutral, tranquil, and peaceful tones. All in efforts to induce some much needed calmness. Not only for my son, but for me as well!

I whole heartedly knew that God was our ultimate source for all things, including peace. Trust me I was seeking His Face for guidance on the daily! But I was desperate and I needed clarity with a fresh clean slate to work with. And for me neutrals provided that. In fact, just the thought of anything bold and bright literally sky rocketed my anxiety to the roof. And being the peacemaker that I am at heart I was trying everything I could to get that peace back for our family.

Forward to now (three years later). God restored peace in our home and our sweet and thoughtful son (the one we knew was still there deep down inside) found his way back to us brighter and happier than ever. Thank you Jesus!

So with alllll that said (thank you if you are still reading) I feel a sense of joy that desires for my surroundings to be expressed and displayed a bit more colorfully. Mind you I do tend to take baby steps in just about everything I do. So my idea of change in color might not be as dramatic or drastic as I sound. But I am looking forward to experimenting a bit more with color in both fashion and interior within our home. No worries to all my neutral friends….there will still be plenty of that too.

Now I probably pondered a bit too deep on the reasoning behind my shift towards color. What can I say, it’s what I do. But honestly the realization on my why just really spoke to me and felt worthy of sharing.

Subconsciously we gravitate towards things for a deeper reason sometimes without realizing the root cause until later (if at all). And in my case understanding that realization from that past to now circumstance made me happy. It reminded me that by God’s grace our family overcame those extreme obstacles. And in the end we came out on the other side with flying colors.

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