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My Influenced Attempt: Rust Corduroy and Zebra Print

24 January 2019

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Do you guys remember that insta-story I posted about a month ago in regards to an outfit I was dying over that Megan Ellaby styled? Well I loved it so much that I gave it my influenced attempt.

Ok so the majority of my look are pieces I already had on hand with the exception of my corduroy blazer. Grant it I did have to find a more budget friendly version. But in my opinion the rusty brown corduroy blazer is the primary eye catching piece in her look. Not to mention the crazy amount of styling opportunities that fabulous blazer will provide for years to come! So I pretty much researched the globe for one I could afford and ran with it.

Thankfully there were quite a few options in my budget for a similar blazer – many under $100!

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zebra animal print sundress, Led Zeppelin tshirt, white boots, cobalt blue crossbody

I didn’t have any boots that resembled hers (although I would love a pair!) so I chose my trusty white block heeled booties. Which helped elongate my not so tall frame as well as adding an overall crisp vibe to the look. As for her animal print skirt and grey graphic knit. I used my thrifted zebra print sundress that needed some good use and I feel it really pulled off the bold print category quite nicely. And well my graphic Led Zeppelin tee always saves the day!

Now my cobalt blue crossbody is on the brighter bold side as oppose to Megan’s more muted blue shade. However I feel the cobalt blue merges well with the crisp vibes my white boots contributed. Plus I feel the Queen of ‘Color and Bold Print Contrasting’ just might approve of my twist on the blue variation. Maybe? Let’s only hope. 🙂

So there you have it. My fun influenced attempt at Megan Ellaby’s amazing outfit. Now before you say anything, I do agree my final number didn’t pull off her fabulous look to her level of ‘Majestic-ness’. Matching everything to a “T” wasn’t necessarily my intent anyway. Adding my own variations is part of the fun that I really do enjoy and I’m quite pleased with how it all turned out. Especially since it allowed me to play around with mostly already owned items in my wardrobe. Which always gets extra brownie points from the hubs!

My hope is that this will perhaps inspire you to look outside your comfort zones, take those inspirations, and if possible make it your own with what you have. But most importantly just have fun with it!

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style inspiration, corduroy jackets, rust jacket, fall fashion, zebra print dress, cobalt blue bags, white boot outfits

*The only thing I wish I had done differently was not tying the t-shirt at the waist, but rather let it loosely hang down. Without the blazer, the side knot was flattering for my frame. However WITH the blazer the styling did unfortunately make me look a tad pregnant when the wind blew my dress just right. Bummer! BUT since I let go of perfection this year – it is what it is, right?! 🙂 P.S. I’m not pregnant! 😛

Below are a few taken from my iPhone in the same look minus the blazer and swapping the boots with sneakers. The perfect option for going about through out the day.

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Shop the Look:

By the way I highly recommend if you haven’t already, check out Megan Ellaby’s blog and instagram. I just discovered her not too long ago and I am obsessed. Her impeccable and brilliant eye for style and vibrant personality are just so fun and inspiring.

So what do you think of my attempt? Do you enjoy trying to pull off influenced outfits with what you have? Who’s style are you loving right now?

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  • Reply Connie 28 January 2019 at 12:51 AM

    As always you are able to pull it all together and look fabulous.

    • Reply Annette 28 January 2019 at 9:09 AM

      Thank you, I appreciate that.

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