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11 Things I Learned in 2018

15 January 2019

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Hi there! Happy New Year! I hope your holiday and kick-off into 2019 was a good one. It has definitely been a minute or two since we last visited here on the blog. And while technical difficulties certainly put it all to an absolute screeching halt. I honestly feel it was a necessary halt. And God knew allowing my laptop to fall into a very deep sleep would release my mind to focus 100% on family over the holidays.

It really was a nice much needed unplugged time off. And now I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the new year in every aspect of my life. Which I’m feeling pretty positive about so far. Is it me or does this year feel different?

Over the last week or so I have been contemplating whether to proceed with this year end reflection post I had originally planned for December. Mainly because all the “end of 2018 hoopla” has passed and most are already diving right into 2019 with no intention of looking back. But for whatever reason I feel it’s important (for me especially) to document here some things I’ve learned over the last year. Especially since my journey in blogging has contributed to many of them.

Speaking of, this past December marked my 2 year journey here on the blog. And boy has it been a crazy roller coaster ride. But such an amazing ride to say the least. And that is saying something because I don’t like roller coasters! While it has been a path towards triumphs and possibilities in both career form and creativity. I can’t deny it has been a path of reflection, growth, and discovery for me on a personal level as well. Which leads me to the intent of this post.

11 Things I Learned in 2018:

1. A year full of discovery.

If I were to summarize this past year in one word it would be Discovery. It was a year of discovering new interests as well as old interests that somehow got lost along the way. Now last year I did step back a bit on most of my extra curricular activities (which isn’t too much anyway). But found it very beneficial in finding myself again. And while at times I felt a bit alone and sad throughout 2018 it did force me to seek areas of enjoyment to pull me through.

2. I love photography.

To extend on discoveries. I discovered a passion for photography. The preparation, the shooting, the editing, the whole shebang. It kind of baffles me that I never pursued photography earlier in life. Especially since I’m so visually inspired and prefer behind the scenes. But hey, better late than never right? I definitely have so much to learn on the subject. But I’m having a blast exploring all aspects of it. And look forward to sharing some of those explorations here on the blog as well.

3. Embrace the Flows and Non Flows of the Journey

In the blogging industry it is often pushed that the only way to succeed is with a consistent same time, same place, same schedule kind of pattern. And as much as I love a good schedule and routine. As a wife, mother of three, homemaker, creative, and writer forcing my productivity into a formatted box doesn’t always jive with me and my way.

A “projected” plan is always a good idea. Especially since there are deadlines to be met when blogging is a business as well. But if other priorities are calling or I’m just simply not feeling it, it is perfectly ok to wait it out and not post that “Tuesday” if need be. We should all be evolving in this life anyway and that requires adjustments along the way as we see best. Quality connects over quantity – always!

4. Our gut and intuitions are powerful.

Trust them, believe in them, use them. We are usually on to something. And with God’s guidance great things will come of it.

5. No person or journey is the same.

So why should we live, blog, or anything else as if they are? We shouldn’t! God’s path is all we need and the rest will all pave out as it should specific to our unique purpose.

6. Good ol’ fashioned blogging is my preferred path in this industry.

And that path can be just as successful!

7. I decided to let go of perfection.

I couldn’t ever relate to it anyway.

8. “It’s not Failure, it’s Feedback” Lisa Borders

I heard that powerful phrase awhile back and it really spoke volumes to me. I feel it is important to observe and study that feedback. Then keep at it, alter it, or simply just wait it out. But we don’t give up! God gave us those passions for a reason.

9. The “must-have” ingredient in order to set goals is knowing what you want first.

I know that sounds obvious, but I completely missed that part of it all. And was literally beating myself up because I couldn’t think of any goals for last year. It’s ok to not always have goals. It doesn’t mean we are a loser! There are many phases in life. Consider a less goal oriented phase a time to reflect, dig deep, or discover. And then based on what we learned along the way will bring us that much closer to what we want out of life.

10. I need more color in my life.

I plan to share further on this one in a future post. Stay tuned.

11. I Love Oatmeal! πŸ™‚

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  • Reply PATRICIA HOBSON 15 January 2019 at 7:44 PM

    I can say photography takes patience, which is a challenge for me! I too feel that everyone needs to find their way of doing life that brings satisfaction to oneself and God. What speaks to you. I found myself walking by a freshly landscaping of flowers outside of the gym I attend, felt the need to compliment to the reception that “Flowers Speak To Me” It was something that moved my inner self. Great Blog Annette!

    • Reply Annette 17 January 2019 at 6:11 PM

      You and me both share a passion for flowers and nature. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading. Love you. xo

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